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Rush Hour Review: The Kung Fu Buddy Cop Comedy Classic

Rush Hour Review: The Kung Fu Buddy Cop Comedy Classic

Jackie Chan is the biggest Asian celebrity in Hollywood. He produced, directed, written, and acted on some of the biggest Asian movies of all time. Actually, Jackie Chan movies is already a big sub-genre of action films. His fight scenes are amazing; the stunts and the fight sequences will blow your mind..

The Plot

The Chinese Consul's daughter got kidnapped in America. The Consul (Tzi Ma) asked Hong Kong Supercop inspector Lee (Jackie Chan) to help the FBI recover his daughter. The FBI did not want any negative attentions in case Lee gets hurt. They hired the overconfident, loudmouth, non-stop talking James Carter (Chris Tucker) from LAPD to drive Lee away from the case. When Carter found out his FBI assignment (code G-14 Classified) is not a real FBI case, Lee and Cater decides to save the consul's daughter and solve the case on their own.

G-Jays Review

What can I say? There is not much to complain about Rush Hour, this is definitely one of the best movies all time opening at #1 at the North American box-office. I was 10 years old when the movie was released in 1998. Rush Hour blew my mind! I've never seen anyone as amazing as Jackie Chan. I became a big fan watching all of his films and was inspired to take up Martial Arts classes. When it comes to overall entertainment quality, this maybe the best Jackie Chan film of all time. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker will be best known for their performance in this movie.

Rush Hour fight scenes have all the unique and amazing signature moves of Jackie Chan. Did you see his "wall climb" scene in Consul Han's house? Spectacular to say the least. Chris Tucker is very funny and entertaining. This could be his best performance ever (unfortunately for him).

I also want to commend the "kidnapped child acting" performance of Julia Hsu (Soo-Yung). Other actresses would either be too dramatic or too corny. Julia Hsu was well balanced. We feel sympathetic for her at one scene and then she'll be hilarious at another. A well acted innocence of a kidnapped child.

G-Jays Verdict

Jackie Chan, Chris Tucker, and Director Brett Ratner gave their best in Rush Hour. It's one of a kind and it will take real hard work to top this one.

G -Jays Ratings: 93%

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